About Ginette Degner and The Affiliate Idea Factory:

I have been in the affiliate marketing and search marketing game since 1993. I started working online as a stay at home mom. Starting off  I worked with programs like Net Detective , Planet Ocean, WebShots, Adnet and many more as an affiliate and consultant. What started out as grocery money has become tuition payments, car payments and a full time job. I can’t really call it a job though, I enjoy it way too much. 

 I have over 16 years experience in the trenches managing affiliate programs and consulting for Merchants, Networks and Power Affiliates. I have done numerous interviews and have contributed to several publications offline and online. I learn something new everyday and I get the biggest charge out of being able to help you make money  

I am instructor in advanced search engine marketing and affiliate marketing strategies with Search Engine Workshops.   You can catch some of my podcasts and “sneaky tactics” over at  Michael Campbell’s Internet Marketing Secrets.I do live training events and presentations as well as webinars and podcasts.

 I ask a lot a of what ifs and work to skate ahead of the puck when it comes to affiliate program strategy and marketing plans, anticipating the bumps and creating strategies that will avoid the pitfalls long term.

When it comes to affiliate recruiting, it isn’t about smiling and dialing, it is about building relationships. Not every affiliate is going to be your super affiliate right off the bat. You have to build them up, give them the tools and training to succeed with your merchants. This builds loyalty to your network as a resource for affiliates and builds the income for you and your merchants.

I offer consulting services for Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine Marketing.

Skype: Ginette.Degner
Office: 702 641 9392
Email: Ginette @ affiliateIdeaFactory DOT com


Privacy Policy: I never sell, rent, trade or lend any information about my subscribers to anyone, for any reason, whatsoever. I assure you that your privacy is respected and held in the highest regard.

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